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In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On state services» the state service is one of the separate state function forms carried out in the individual order of service receivers addressing and directed on realization of their rights, freedoms and legal interests, provision with corresponding material or non-material weal.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On application of amendments into the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 18,2013 №983 «On approval of the state services register» within the competence of the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Investment and Development (hereinafter – the Ministry) entered 138 state services in the sphere of industry, industrial safety, geology and subsoil use, technical regulation and metrology, tourism, civil aviation, transport, new technologies, investment, communication, informatization and information, as well as an aerospace field.

Thus, during the first half-year of 2015 the structural and territorial departments of the Ministry 1 mln. 742 ths. 216 services were provided and 6 violations of the state service provision terms were made (5 employees took the disciplinary action against violation of the state service provision terms) which made 1% of violations made during the analogous period of the previous year (in the first half-year of 2014 1 mln. 466 ths. 785 services were provided and more than 604 violations if the terms, 4 employees took the disciplinary action)

While development and approval of the regulatory legal acts regulated the state service provision order (rules, standards and regulations) is prescribed the unified approach while state service provision terms definition (with regard to the change of calendar days to working), exclusion of discretionary state service provision terms (with regard to exclusion of the words «no more», «during», «no later» and etc), as well as reduction of applications consideration terms and the list of the documents requested from service receiver by the state services within the competence of structural and territorial departments of the Ministry.

On the official site of the Ministry in section «State services» posted the reference information of all the state services, regulatory legal base, as well as the contacts of the structural departments, directly providing a specific state service.

From April 1 of 2012 the united Call – center (1414) is functioning which providing a consulting support to population within all the state services fell under competence of the Ministry.

The system of internal control of state service provision process control providing 100% of monitoring via Integrated informational system «Monitoring».

Furthermore, situational center was created which carried out a video monitoring of the PSC activity with time schedule from 09-00 until 20-00.

The discrete role while monitoring of the PSC activity is devoted to:

- queues lodgment;

- informational system operation;

- quality services (exceed of citizens queuing time, documents registration time), including services rendered to citizens untimely.

Violations are recorded directly in the integrated information system of PSC.

There are 138 state services within the competence of the Ministry 99 of which is provided in the electronic format by means of Electronic Government portal – The Ministry provides left 30 state services in a traditional way (paper-based).

16 of 138 state services provided by the local authorized body on site.

Therefore, 37 state services of 138 provided by the Ministry is possible to get in Public Service Centers (hereinafter - PSC).

During the reporting period (January 01, 2015 - June 30, 2015) mentors of PSC RSE held 23,4 thousand «round» tables, training workshops, individual and group trainings, interviews on the procedure of the documents accept.

In the 1st half of the current year in accordance with the rules for certification of employees of PSC RSE branches 3092 employees were certified, including 27 PSC management staff and 30 employees working part-time in the rural post offices of «Kazpost». According to the rules of the contest for the vacant position of PSC RSE branches 1 747 candidates were tested in distance learning system PSC IIS.

However, so far in the distance learning system of PSC IIS developed lectures and lecture and reference materials on relevant standards for public services and business processes with the tests were posted, the access on which have all employees of PSC. The next stage of the centralized distance training of PSC employees followed by testing by means of PSC IIS planned for 3 - 4 quarter of this year.

In addition, on April 24, 2015 was held a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on the provision of public services through the PSC where in total 135 services were considered, 21 services of which were approved. Including 3 state services in the sphere of technical regulation and metrology:

- Issue of the pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments;

- Issue of metrological attestation certificate;

- Expert-auditor attestation on approval of compliance, accreditation, defining the country of origin, the product status of the Customs Union or foreign product.

Thus, after the approval of legal documents, the Ministry will provide 99 public services in an electronic format, which will be about 71% of the total amount of services provided by the Ministry.

These measures will improve the quality of public services and reduce corruption, avoid contact of the citizen with the official state body.

For all questions regarding the quality of public service provision to the service receivers by the structural subdivisions of the Ministry of, you can contact the Public services development office of the Ministry +7 (7172) 75-42-53 or Astana, Kabanbai Batyr ave. 32/1, office 1902.

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